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Bio: Moving People Towards Jesus

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My journey began in the chaotic world of the foster care system of Massachusetts, bouncing between foster families, group homes and hospitals. By the age of eight, I was raging against my foster families and caretakers because I didn’t understand what was going on. But at the age of fourteen I met a man that introduced me to a church where I met Jesus.

I was sold on the power of music to tell people about Jesus while rapping on the street corners of Boston and surrounding areas. I remember rapping my story of God changing my life when a young guy walked up, pulled out his drugs, took off his gold chains and asked me who this Jesus guy was.

I want my gravestone to read: “He loved God and people well.” The one group of people who aren’t loved well are youth. Most don't understand them; they don’t feel seen. But Jesus sees them, and they need to know that.

I've toured and performed with John Reuben who gave me a chance to share the stage with Toby Mac, Kurt Franklin, Cutlass, Reliant K, Newsboys, Five Iron Frenzy, Pax 217, LA Symphony and more. I have graced the stages of the Dove Awards, Cornerstone, Acquire the Fire, Promise Keepers, SonFest, Alive, Creation East and Creation West. I’ve also spoken alongside David Mahan of Frontline Youth Communications on abstinence and mentoring. I was part of the staff of Vineyard Columbus through August 2014. I started as the high-school pastoral coordinator in 2004 and became the high school age community pastor in 2008. And for ten years I have had the privilege of helping youth come to know and follow Christ.

I’ve been married for 15 years to an amazing woman and I have four great children children - 3 daughters and one son. My family currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Partnership Opportunities

Speaking, Shows & Training

Hip Hop Show

Whether solo, with a DJ and/or live musicians, singers and dancers, Alon brings energetic beats & solid lyrics that uplift and engage the audience through a musical experience.


Grounded in the bible, Alon speaks relevant messages to youth, reaching them where they are at and encouraging them to live it out in their lives.


Interactive and practical workshops that help give youth tools to walk this journey of life with Christ in areas of reaching out, community, sustainable faith & leadership.

Leader Training
Leader Training

With 20+ yrs of youth ministry, Alon can help train your leaders in various areas and can provide youth ministry building consultation for your youth ministry.


Wondering what kind of speaker Alon is? Take a look at some full length talks he's given in the past. Each is about 45 minutes, so set aside some time.

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  • Dealing With Patterns of Mistakes 
  • Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done 


Check out some of the tracks Alon spins in his shows.